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Studies on Extension of Shelf Life of Banana Using Bacteriocin

The effect of gamma radiation on the shelf life extension of Bananas was studied. Bananas were treated with three gamma radiation doses of 0.30k Gy; 0.40k Gy and 0.50k Gy …


Handbook of Online and Distance Learning Education System

Virology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of viruses and viral diseases. The journal pleased to accept original research papers, review articles, mini-reviews, opinions, short communication and …


Fermentation Production of α-Keto glutaric Acid

Screening test for obtaining microorganisms which produce l-amino acids or organic acids  from n-paraffins were carried out. Fourteen strains of microorganisms which seemed to belong to the yeast showed strong ability to produce α–ketoglutaric acid. A …

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