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The effect of gamma radiation on the shelf life extension of Bananas was studied. Bananas were treated with three gamma radiation doses of 0.30k Gy; 0.40k Gy and 0.50k Gy for 5 mins respectively and stored in a dry place under room conditions (25±2°C/ 80± 5% RH). The physical conditions of the radiation treated and control bananas were observed at every 2 days interval for their organoleptic properties till spoilage. The control bananas ripened within 6 days while the gamma irradiated bananas ripened within 26 days, indicating that t he shelf life of banana was extended by 20 days thereby delaying banana ripening. The nutrient contents as well as some important physico-chemical parameters of the irradiated Bananas and the control Bananas were analyzed quantitatively at an interval of 2-4 days throughout the experimental period. A minor decrease in the ascorbic acid content was the only adverse effects observed in irradiated bananas and no other major changes occured in nutritional and organoleptic qualities and the chemical constituents of banana is maintained. A taste-testing panel of 16 panelists determined the acceptability of the fruit. The scores given by the panelists were statistically analyzed and the treated bananas were found to be acceptable up to 26 days at room temperature whereas in the case of control the fruits were spoiled within 6 days. Thus, radiation can be used for the shelf life extension of Bananas and is not harmful to health.

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